Barefoot or Shoes?

Your choice; Barefoot or Shoes?

– Though it’s not very well known and recommended to run barefoot on the roads in this concrete jungle, running barefoot has been and undoubtedly came to highlight among (Poly-ITE -Uni) athletes after two runners, Nashirudden and myself represented barefoot at the 2013 IVP Championship. It was until I won 2nd at the Hong Bao Run in February 2014 that the public started showing interest in barefoot running. I received messages from number of runners asking me how to better run barefoot, it’s advantages. Some even questioned me, how are you able to clock good times while not having any cushioning and in fact running on hard surfaces without a shoe?

Well shoes or barefoot by itself may not make much difference in a race but barefoot training improved my feel of the ground and improved my running form.


Synchronized running form with Ajmil

Two and half years of my running journey, I’ve bought only one pair of shoe. Not because I have a sponsor, but my sole purpose of shoe was to avoid injury and prevent my feet from wearing off due to prolonged barefoot running. Honestly, I don’t know how a certain brand of shoe and it’s model helps in a persons running. But there are benefits.. of which I think the main purpose is to prevent injury. I have won number of other competitions while running barefoot. That includes both road and track races. But these barefoot wins were not solely from my barefoot training. I do include shoes for my long runs, especially the ones on trails and on roads. Surprisingly, it may seem that running barefoot can make you win races or even break records, training or even racing on road and trails with shoe do play an important role even to those who conquers track races without shoes.

So… Barefoot or with shoes?? Here in this blog, my coach Tho Yow Kin shares about running barefoot, its advantages, should everyone try barefoot and some tips to those who may say “why not give it a try!


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